Authorities arrived at the scene shortly after 8 a.m. WANTED: The Keddie Cabin Killer Episode Summary A family's brutal murder rocks a tiny California town and leaves behind too many unanswered questions. Gary Mollath, who owned one of the failed resorts, turned his cabins into long-term rental units for low-income families. His head was badly damaged as though bashed in with a blunt object and lay partially on a pillow. Who Killed Biggie Smalls? On April 11, 1981, Sue and the kids were in and out of Cabin 28 throughout the day. Furthermore, it suggests an answer as to why this case was handled so sloppily, remains unsolved, and is seemingly not a priority to the Sacramento DOJ. As reported by Keddie28, they initially rented a trailer home owned by Sharp's brother. Plumas County Sheriffs OfficeProbable murder weapons for the Keddie slaying discovered and submitted as evidence in 2016. Most descriptions of Marty say that he was an unsavory individual with a criminal record and a mean demeanor. On the morning of April 12, 1981 Sheila Sharp awoke from a neighbors sleep over and went next door to her house to drop off her blankets. All three returned home later, but Marty and Bo went out again. . The murders had been notably violent. The three boys who survived said they slept through the incident. The town tried to reinvent itself by becoming a recreational camping and hiking resort area. One theory is that they really wanted people to notice them. Her brother, who would help her and the children start a new life, lived in Quincy, California, about 150 miles north of Sacramento. The bodies of Sue, John, and Dana were found on the morning of April 12 by Sue's 14-year-old daughter, Sheila, who had been sleeping at a friend's house. Was it possible that he either witnessed the murders or awoke at some point during the night but had blocked it out? However, Historic Mysteries reports he was never arrested or charged in the murders. Then at 3:30 pm, the two teenagers headed out again. The oldest boy, John, and his buddy, Dana, had spent the day in Quincy. You May Also Like: The Disappearance of the Five Sodder Children. In July 1979, Glenna Susan "Sue" Sharp (ne Davis; born March 29, 1945 in Springfield, Massachusetts),[3] along with her five children, left her home in Connecticut after separating from her husband, James Sharp. [24] Additionally, she alleged that Martin "hated Johnny Sharp with a passion". On the morning of April 11, 1981, 14-year-old Sheila Sharp returned from a neighbors house after a sleepover and stumbled upon the most disturbing and gruesome scene that she and the rest of Keddie, California, had ever seen. However, he did not have any involvement in the case at the time. The mystery surrounding the unsolved Keddie Cabin Murders. However, their friend Justin was not as sure. As reported by Historic Mysteries, Justin was placed under hypnosis and questioned about the content of his dreams. ET) on Investigation Discovery, One of the main things I have a hard time with is getting close to people, for fear that somethings going to happen, Sheila says in an exclusive clip from the after show. She mentioned, however, that she doesnt talk to her brothers about it because she wants to protect them. On . The girls shared one, and the younger boys shared the other. More evidence uncovered in Keddie murders case. I killed the woman and her daughter, but I didnt have anything to do with the [boys], he purportedly told the counselor. Some sources claim that Boubede had a crush on Sue, who supposedly rejected him twice. He lives in the West Midlands, UK with his wife and son. Justin said he saw one of the men stab Sue Sharp. The entire site has since been abandoned. Gamberg thinks that at the same time, Sue was counseling Marilyn to leave Marty. Victims,. A few years later, Martys wife, Marilyn, said that she had found Tinas bloody jacket in their basement and had given it to the police during the earlier investigation. The murders took place in house No. I became their mother, and its hard for me to step back and be a sister, cause thats what I am Im their sister, Im not their mother, and they need to make their own choices.. What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch, Cabin 28 at Keddie Resort, 1981. [17], The murders of Sue, John, and Dana were notably vicious:[13] two bloodied knives and one hammer were found at the scene,[15][18] and one of the knives (a steak knife later determined to have been used in the murders) had been bent at roughly 30 degrees. [24], Based on Justin's descriptions, composite sketches of the two unknown men were produced by Harlan Embry, a man with no artistic ability and no training in forensic sketching. The victims were Glenna Sharp, known as Sue, her son John (age fifteen), and his friend, Dana Wingate (aged seventeen). As reported by Historic Mysteries, Smartt was Justin's stepfather. Always busy trying to better her situation, Sue took a typing class with financial aid. However, though the three boys initially claimed to have slept through the massacre, Rickey and Gregs friend Justin Smartt did later say that he saw Sue with two men in the house that night. It would have been intentionally put there. The most widely accepted theory involves a love triangle between Martin, Marilyn, and Sue. They also all sustained multiple stab wounds. "I've paid the price of your love & now I've bought it with four people's lives," ABC10 reports the letter said. [29], In April 2018, Gamberg stated that DNA evidence recovered from a piece of tape at the crime scene matched that of a known living suspect.[19]. Her fate remained unknown until her skeletal remains turned up in the woods three years later, as recounted Monday night in an episode of PEOPLEs new true-crime series on Investigation Discovery, People Magazine Investigates. They had died . Keddie Case Cabin 28., Jane Braxton. "[17] He allegedly told the counselor that Tina was killed to prevent her from identifying him, as she had "witnessed the whole thing. Oct 15, 2021. [24] According to Justin, John and Dana then entered the home and began heatedly arguing with the men. The victims were bound with electrical wire and medical tape. Boubede told authorities he was a former Chicago police officer and that Marilyn was his niece, which were both later revealed to be untrue. 'People Magazine Investigates' Features Man's 24-Year Wrongful Prison Sentence: 'Never Thought It Could Happen', People Magazine Investigates Offers New Clues on Keddie Cabin Murders, Giving Survivor 'A Little More Hope', 'People Magazine Investigates After Show' : How Solving Keddie Murders Is 'Personal' for Investigators, Inside the Keddie Cabin Murders: Daughter Remembers Finding Mom and Brother Dead at Age 14, A Daughter's 35-Year Fight For Justice: Sheila Sharp Longs to Know Who Murdered Her Family in Their Cabin, Horror in the Woods: 'People Magazine Investigates' Looks at the Keddie Cabin Murders Cold Case, Inside the Search for the Keddie Cabin Killers 35 Years After a Family Was Slaughtered, WATCH: Heartbreak Leads to Hollywood Horror in Exclusive 'People Magazine Investigates' Clip, Behind the Murder of JonBent Ramsey, Featured on 'People Magazine Investigates'. Police were called to the scene at around 8:05 that morning, having been alerted by the Seabolt family . As reported by The Mystique, Justin began having vivid dreams in the days after the murders. [19] John and Dana suffered blunt-force trauma to their heads caused by a hammer or hammers. covered it up, is the way it sounds. He alleges that Bo and Martin fit into a larger drug-smuggling scheme that involved the federal government. In 1979, she left her abusive husband. Nevertheless, authorities were determined to follow any possible leads. [5] Upon arriving in California, she began renting a small trailer formerly occupied by her brother at the Claremont Trailer Village in Quincy. When police interviewed the three young survivors who had been in the home all three said they had slept . About the Cabin 28 Keddie Murders Case: The morning of April 12, 1981, Glenna Sue Sharp and her kids, Tina and John, and John's friend, Dana Wingate, were brutally murdered inside house #28 in Keddie, California. The next morning at around 7 am, Sheila returned home from her sleepover next door. Tina was just 12 years old, John was 15, and Dana was 16. Accept Read More, The Disappearance of the Five Sodder Children, Brutal Murders on Germanys Hinterkaifeck Farm, Burke and Hare: Merchants in the Cadaver Market, John Paul Gettys Ransom: When Money Trumps Family. [19] Autopsies[21] determined that Sue and John died from the knife wounds and blunt-force trauma, and Dana died by asphyxiation. Despite a thorough investigation and numerous suspects, the case remains unsolved to this day, leaving many questions . The victims were Glenna Susan "Sue" Sharp (ne Davis; born March 29, 1945); daughter Tina Louise Sharp (born July 22, 1968); son, John Steven Sharp (born November 16, 1965); and John's friend, Dana Hall Wingate (born February 8, 1964). Based on Justin's description of the attackers, detectives identified Martin "Marty" Smartt as one of the primary suspects in the cabin murders. We sheltered them, she says about her brothers in the aftermath of the murders. Sheriff Thomas called the Sacramento Department of Justice which then sent in two special agents from their organized crime unit not homicide, which struck many as odd. The population was 66 at the 2010 census. Later that year, a knife was recovered in a trashcan outside the Keddie General Store; authorities also believed this item to be linked to the crimes. Stabbed. On April 22, 1984, Tina Sharp's remains were found in a wooded area of Butte County, which, as reported by California News Times, was approximately 100 miles from Keddie. However, none of the evidence helped the investigators find the killers or determine how she died. Then in April 2018, Gamberg matched the DNA from the murder scene to a known living suspect. She also appreciated the fact that it was in a more rural, wooded setting. It would be another three years after the Keddie murders that Tina was found. For 35 years, Sheila Sharp has tried to repress the memory of finding the brutally murdered bodies of her mother and older brother in her familys cabin home in the Sierra Nevada Mountains a crime that remains unsolved. The former Sharp home was condemned and demolished in 2004. The Keddie Murders have been referred to as a cold case suddenly getting warm. keddie murders survivorscumberland police department officers. It has been 40 years since the tragedy took place in rural Plumas County. [21] Carla McMullen, a family acquaintance, later told detectives that Dana Wingate had recently stolen an unknown quantity of LSD from local drug dealers, though she was unable to provide proof of this claim. When she opened the front door to the living room, she discovered a massacre. Authorities arrived at the scene shortly after 8 a.m. However, this turned out to be untrue. Plumas County Sheriffs Office Cabin 28 at Keddie Resort, 1981. The murders tooks place in Cabin 28 of the Keddie Resort. city of adrian, mi treasurer . You May Also Like: The Servant Girl Annihilators of Texas. Unfortunately, many hours passed since her disappearance, and the chance of anyone finding her nearby was slim. One of the men was holding a small knife and a hammer. In press releases accompanying the sketches, the suspects were described as being in their late 20s to early 30s; one stood between 5feet 11inches (1.80m) to 6feet 2inches (1.88m) tall with dark-blonde hair, and the other between 5feet 6inches (1.68m) and 5feet 10inches (1.78m) with black, greased hair. In 1980, the Sharp family 36-year-old Glenna "Sue", her 15-year-old son John, 14-year-old daughter Sheila, 12-year-old daughter Tina, and 10-year-old Rick and five-year-old Greg moved from. His friend Dana was on the floor beside him on his stomach. Although the counselor initially reported Martys statements to the police not long after the killings, the police did not log the information as evidence or follow up with this information. Blood was everywhere. Trampling through dead leaves, they stepped inside the perimeter of where the cabin once sat. They were still asleep and seemingly unaware of what happened. It was later confirmed that Martin was close with this Sheriff. Plumas County Sheriff Greg Hagwood described what happened in Cabin 28 in 1981 . The weapons included a steak knife that came from Sues kitchen. The Keddie Cabin murders was a case that involved a triple-slaying as well as a missing child whose remains were later discovered. But, some investigators believe that Marilyn was somehow complicit in the murders. Later, police learned that maybe not all the boys had actually been asleep. I was told the suspects were told to get out of town, so to me, that means it was covered up, Sheila Sharp told CBS Sacramento in 2016. Although authorities believe they were both involved in the Keddie cabin murders, they think they may have had help. The murders took place in cabin 28, during the late evening of April 11, 1981 and/or early morning of the 12th. What else do you want?. All victims had suffered blunt-force trauma by hammer or hammers. [22][23], Sheila and the Seabolt family (with whom Sheila had spent the night in the neighboring home) heard no commotion during the night;[6] a couple living in nearby house #16 was awakened at 1:15 am by what sounded like muffled screaming. [10], Justin gave conflicting stories of the evening, including that he had dreamed details of the murders, though he later claimed to have actually witnessed them. It is true that longtime cold cases can find warmth even after several decades. When they returned to the bar much later, they were wearing suits, as if they had spent the evening at a business meeting. However, when this failed, the Keddie Resort owner Gary Mollath turned a series of cabins into low-income rental housing. To put it bluntly, dmac is a fabulist. Various weapons were found at the scene, including a table knife, a butcher knife, and a bloody hammer. In the evening, the two girls went to the Seabolt family house next door in Cabin 27, just 15 feet away. It was Sharps mother, Sue, brother John and his friend Dana, laying in a pool of blood, bound with medical tape and appliance wire. Considering the level of violence that took place, this seems impossible. The oldest boy, John, got the ground-floor basement all to himself. Tina remained a missing person until April 1984, when her skull and several other bones were recovered at Camp Eighteen, California, near Feather Falls in Butte County. [24] Shortly after announcing the discovery, the Butte County Sheriff's Office received an anonymous call that identified the remains as belonging to Tina, but the call was not documented in the case. Great! Sue had spent the later afternoon with Sheila and Tina. Sue urged them not to hitchhike, but passersby spotted John and Dana on a street corner trying to flag a ride home around 9:30-10:00 that evening. [26], Tina's disappearance was initially investigated by the FBI as a possible abduction,[19] though it was reported on April 29, 1981, that the FBI had "backed off" the search as the California State Department of Justice was doing an "adequate job" and "made the FBI's presence unnecessary. The killers had escaped. It is unclear what evidence links Boubede to the mafia. [24], According to a 2016 article published by The Sacramento Bee, Martin had left Keddie and driven to Reno, Nevada, shortly after the murders; from there, he sent a letter to Marilyn ruminating on personal struggles in their marriage, which he concluded with: "I've paid the price of your love & now I've bought it with four people's lives. Authorities interviewed neighbors and the boys who were inside the house when the attack occurred, but there were no eyewitnesses. [29] He later criticized the quality of the initial investigation, saying: "You could take someone just coming out of the academy and they'd have done a better job. Although Justin's dreams, and the details he provided during hypnosis, were chilling, it is unclear whether he actually witnessed the murders or the dreams simply echoed details reported by the media. Relatives of the victims and the public anxiously await the day when investigators bring justice to the killings of Sue, John, Tina, and Dana. That's the hope of Sheila Sharp, who discovered the bodies of her mother, brother and a friend at her family's cabin in Keddie, California, in 1981, in a mystery re-examined this past Monday in. The Keddie Murders is an unsolved 1981 American quadruple murder that took place in Keddie, a former resort town in the foothills of California's Sierra Nevada. The former Sharp home was condemned and demolished in 2004. It was believed that Martin and Sue were having an affair and that Sue was supposedly counseling Marilyn to leave her husband, who she had said was abusive to her. Copyright 2016-2022 True Crime Magazine, A Look Inside Ted Bundys Isolation Cell at Dade County Jail, Meet the 13-Year-Old Boy Who Caught Richard Ramirez, A GRAPHIC Look Back At the Hillside Strangler Murders, Revisiting Ted Bundys Issaquah Dump Site, A GRAPHIC Look Back at Zodiac Killers Reign of Terror, A GRAPHIC Look Back At Richard Chases Reign of Terror, A GRAPHIC Look Back At Ted Bundys Execution, NSFW: The Blood-Soaked Trail of the Times Square Killer. While the Seabolts tried to calm the distraught girl, their teenage son, Jamie Seabolt, went to Cabin 28 to see if anyone was still alive. The Keddie Murders Unresolved. A recording of this call was found at the bottom of an evidence box at some point after 2013 by a deputy who was assigned the case. [24] Around 2:00 am on April 12, she stated she awoke to find the two burning an unknown item in the wood stove. Despite his lies and inconsistencies in his stories, police cleared him as a suspect. Martin Smartt later told the police that he had a hammer that matched the one discovered and also that his hammer and gone missing shortly before the murders. Because she was a minor, the initial search for her involved the FBI, but, for some unknown reason, they quit investigating after about a month. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Three years after the slayings occurred, part of a skull was found 29 miles away near Camp Eighteen in neighboring Butte County. April 12, 1981, the bodies of 36-year-old Sue Sharp, her 15-year-old son John and his 17-year-old friend Dana Wingate were found in Cabin 28 at the Keddie Resort, north of Quincy. Strangled. Remarkably, the tape of the anonymous tip regarding Tina was found sealed in case files, untouched by Plumas County Sheriffs Dept. During the interrogation after the murders, Boubede told police that he worked as a police officer in Chicago for 18 years. 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